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Fuel cell tie-up aims to boost mobile battery life

Samsung has joined with specialist firm MTI MicroFuel Cells to develop mobile phones and devices powered by fuel cell technology – an alternative to traditional rechargeable batteries. The fuel cells are expected to give mobile devices longer running times.
MTI Micro will help develop fuel cell prototypes for Samsung’s mobile phones, using its Mobion direct methanol fuel cell technology.

Remote access causing concern over security

Security experts have warned that confidential data is at risk because of the increasing use of remote access protocols, instant messaging, file-sharing software and voice over IP software on corporate networks. Analysis of more than 1.1Tbytes of data from US companies by security specialist Reconnex found that systems such as webmail and instant messaging were providing a way through corporate defences.

Hitachi extends storage systems to IBM zSeries

Hitachi Data Systems has extended its storage products to IBM zSeries mainframe systems. The company has validated mainframe compatibility and interoperability against several of its storage platforms, including Tagmastore Universal Storage Platform and Network Storage Controller, and Sanrise Universal Storage Platform and Network Storage Controller.

IBM develops appliances to aid SOA performance

IBM is developing server appliances designed to secure and improve the performance of service oriented architectures. The products will help to ease application-to-application communication – used in radio frequency identification, for example – and XML transmission, helping companies that rely on web services to carry out sales transactions and purchase orders, said IBM.


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