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UK holds fifth position in OECD broadband league

The UK has the fifth highest level of broadband use among countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. The OECD, which has 30 members, reported that the UK has 9.5 million broadband users. The UK is behind Germany, with 10.7 million users, and Korea, with 12.2 million users. Japan and South Korea were the two leading countries for ultra-fast connections. However, most broadband users rely on lower-speed copper wire connections, the OECD said.

Microsoft pulls Vista guide for further work
Microsoft has published and then pulled a Vista operating system guide, after saying it was not quite ready for public consumption. The 313-page guide in the XPS file format was originally provided to Microsoft’s technology adoption partners – a group of customers and technology partners that serve as elite beta testers for the company’s software. When complete, users will need to download an XPS viewer application to use the guide.

Web system deletes files on stolen computers
A security company has devised technology that can delete or encrypt all files on a stolen PC or laptop when the thief connects it to the internet. The software, from Everdream, is an agent installed on the computer. If a device reported as stolen is connected to the internet, the software links to Everdream’s control centre. The control centre can record details of the network the device is located on, and then automatically send out software to encrypt or delete files.

Origami mobile device will be first for Samsung
Samsung Electronics is planning to release the world’s first Microsoft-driven Origami mobile device next month. The Q1 “ultra-mobile” handheld PC runs Microsoft Windows and is configured with an Intel processor and has a seven-inch screen. It also supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks.

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