Technology news in brief

Short takes on this weeks technology and tech data news

Short takes on this weeks technology and tech data news

Survey highlights risk of e-mail interception

A survey sponsored by the DTI has found that only a quarter of UK businesses encrypt their e-mails, potentially compromising the security of company information. PricewaterhouseCoopers, which conducted the survey of 1,000 firms and said business e-mails travelling over the internet could easily be intercepted and read.

Microsoft to take on Adobe in design field

Microsoft is to broaden its range of design and development software to provide an alternative to Adobe products. The Expression suite, aimed at graphic designers and illustrators, will be available early next year, a couple of months after Windows Vista.

SAS Institute helps users link to sources

SAS Institute is expanding its data integration offering, with technology to help users link various sources of operational data. New servers will help to "clean up" data in the operational part of the system, SAS said.

Users may have to turn off Active Scripting in IE

IT managers may have to disable the Active Scripting option in Internet Explorer until Microsoft releases an official patch, an IT security firm has warned. eEye Digital Security released a temporary fix last week for a recently disclosed security hole. However, it recommended only installing the fix as a last resort, and advised firms to disable Active Scripting instead. Microsoft is working on an official fix, which it may release before the 11 April patch bundle.

Call quality biggest barrier to VoIP take-up

The quality of voice calls over IP is the most common barrier for enterprises considering adopting voice over IP, according to a survey of businesses. Nearly half of firms surveyed at a VoIP conference last week said quality and reliability of service were an issue, more than business disruption, cost or security.

Fedora upgrade adds desktop applcations

The open source software project Fedora, which is sponsored by Red Hat, has released a major new version of its free Linux software suite, Fedora Core 5. It includes new desktop applications such as the latest version of Openoffice and the Firefox 1.5 web browser.

Feedback requested on second Samba preview

Samba has launched a second preview version of its open source Samba 4 software, inviting feedback from users, managers and developers. Samba produces software that enables interoperability between Linux or Unix servers and Windows clients. Samba 4 is designed to support the Active Directory log-on protocols used by Windows Server software.

Tech-savvy SMEs grow tired of feng shui

UK small businesses have undergone a technology revolution, according to a study of 400 firms by Cisco. Small firms have swapped salubrious offices, feng shui and lavish company cars for advanced technologies that increase productivity, improve customer service and make mobile workforces more efficient, said Cisco.

Sendmail patch put out to plug major flaw

A major flaw in the open source e-mail application Sendmail server application could allow hackers to take control of any devices running the affected software. Sendmail Consortium, which oversees the development of non-commercial versions of Sendmail, has released an updated version that includes a security patch to fix the flaw.

Lombardi Office 200 ties systems together

Lombardi Software, a supplier of business process management software, has released Lombardi for Office 200, a product that tightly integrates the Lombardi Teamworks BPM platform with the Microsoft Office System. The software helps end-users participate in business processes directly from desktops.



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