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Short takes from this week's technology news

Short takes from this week's technology news

Draft General Public Licence update released

The Free Software Foundation has released the first draft of the General Public Licence version 3, as the first move to update the GPL's patent and digital rights management provisions, which currently cover most open source software. The GPL version 3 draft can be downloaded from the foundation's website with an explanation of the changes. Proposed GPL revisions include provisions to make sure digital rights management mechanisms do not curtail software freedoms.

Windows Wi-Fi feature could be exploited

A Microsoft Windows feature that allows PCs to automatically search for Wi-Fi connections could be exploited by hackers, according to MessageLabs and McAfee. The security opening occurs at boot up. If the machine cannot find a wireless connection it will establish an ad hoc connection to a local address. This comes with an IP address and Windows matches this with the ID of the last wireless network the PC connected to. A hacker could exploit this to read files on the user's machine.

Enterprise customers to get Openoffice boost

Novell is planning to deliver complete support for Openoffice Open Document, an XML-based file format, in the next edition of its enterprise desktop. As a result, users will be able to create documents using a perpetually open standard and will not have to rely on proprietary formats for future document readability, Novell said.

IE7 made more secure by wiping out history

Microsoft's forthcoming Internet Explorer 7 browser which will be part of the Windows Vista operating system will include an easy history deletion feature to help maintain users' privacy and security. The feature will clear the history and all associated files stored on a PC after a website is accessed. The ability to do this is a potential safeguard against remote hackers who can steal information stored in a browser.


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