Technology news in brief

Short takes from this week's technology news

Short takes from this week's technology news

Novell to boost Linux support with OpenSuSE

Novell is preparing to release a public version of its OpenSuSE project, which aims to improve support for its Linux platform. The project aims to bolster third-party software support by making it easier to develop applications that will run on SuSE Linux and SuSE Linux-based distributions, Novell said. The framework will provide open source contributors and

application developers with tools and resources to streamline code and patch contributions to SuSE Linux, said Novell.

OSDL aims to ease open source patent worries

The Open Source Development Lab is supporting an initiative to increase accessibility to open source software code and documentation that can be used as prior art during the patent examination process. The Open Source Software as Prior Art project aims to reduce the number of software patents that can be used to threaten software developers and users, and thus increase innovation, the OSDL said.

Microsoft Elixir for line-of-business apps

As part of its strategy to encourage users to build applications based on its Office suite, Microsoft has released sample code for project Elixer. The project is designed to demonstrate how users can link Outlook into line-of-business applications and has been run by sales personnel at Microsoft to provide a complete view of customers, integrated with workflow. Elixer uses a web service developed by Microsoft as a front end to its line-of-business applications.

Network suppliers form Ethernet Alliance

Network suppliers have formed the Ethernet Alliance to support new Ethernet technologies. The alliance includes 3Com (which invented Ethernet), Agere Systems, Broadcom, Foundry Networks, Intel, Samsung, and Sun Microsystems, However, it does not include Cisco, which is the biggest supplier of Ethernet switching products.

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