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Adobe plans bundles with Macromedia Flash

Adobe completed its £1.96bn takeover of Macromedia last week, which could result in some software packages being dropped. However, as part of the initial integration of product portfolios, Adobe said it would sell three new product bundles. These will combine elements of Adobe Creative Suite 2 and Adobe video tools with the recently-released Macromedia Flash Professional 8 and Macromedia Studio 8 applications. Adobe said it would continue to back PDF and Macromedia Flash technologies.

IBM Workplace support for open doc standard

Following Microsoft's announcement that it will support an open document standard in the forthcoming Office 12, IBM has said its upcoming version of the IBM Workplace Managed Client will support the newly ratified Open Document Format for Office Applications standard. IBM said the move would help users protect their investment in corporate data by ensuring consistency, reliability and accessibility of their documents.

Intel unveils new faster transistor design

Intel and UK-based Qinetiq revealed a new transistor prototype last week that could cut power consumption by 10 times while at the same time boosting processing levels by 50%. The new transistor system is similar in design to existing transistors but is deployed on chips using indium antimonide, made from indium and antimony, rather than silicon. Intel said chips featuring the new material probably would not be ready for commercial production until 2015.

Apache server upgrade will handle larger files

The Apache Software Foundation has released a major upgrade to the open source Apache web server. New features of Apache 2.2.0 include support for large files and improved caching. The server can now support large files of more than 2Gbytes on 32-bit Unix systems.

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