Technology news in brief

Short takes from this week's technology news

Short takes from this week's technology news


Firefox chips away at Internet Explorer's lead

The open source Firefox browser is continuing to take market share from Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Web metrics firm NetApplications said Firefox had an 8.06% share of the market last month and it is continuing to rise. Internet Explorer saw its share of the market decline by 0.77% to 87.23% in May.

Symantec plans early protection system

Symantec is introducing an intrusion detection product that uses behavioural analysis to block potential attacks on enterprise networks. Critical System Protection 4.5 uses technology Symantec acquired through last year's purchase of Platform Logic. It is designed to protect desktops and servers against viruses and worms that have yet to be unleashed in the wild.

Zone Labs update crashes firewalls

A bug in the daily update of the Zone Labs firewall crashed the security of about 50,000 users earlier this month. Users of Zone Alarm Pro and Zone Alarm Security Suite saw their firewalls crash after downloading Zone Labs' daily program adviser update. Misconfigured code caused the problem, said the company.

IBM builds new supercomputer

IBM has built a 91.3 teraflops (trillion calculations per second) supercomputer. The Blue Gene/L supercomputer is located at IBM's Thomas Watson Research Centre and is second only to IBM's original 135 teraflops Blue Gene supercomputer.

CMA Mobilising the Enterprise this week

The Communications Management Association is holding an event tomorrow (22 June) on the challenges of rolling out a mobile strategy. The Mobilising the Enterprise event in London will feature speakers on extending corporate data to a mobile workforce, managing mobile connectivity and integrating applications.

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