Siebel adds analytics extensions

Capitalising on the trend to reduce the number of applications that need to be supported, Siebel Systems has unveiled a package...

Capitalising on the trend to reduce the number of applications that need to be supported, Siebel Systems has unveiled a package of business analytics products that can be deployed by IT as both extensions to CRM applications or can stand alone. 

As stand-alone products the 20 enterprise applications are targeted at financial, supply-chain, and supplier analytics and workforce/employee performance management applications - in addition to Siebel's more familiar turf, customer analytics for CRM. 

Duane Cologne, general manager of analytic solutions at Siebel, said all of the applications will use data that can be sourced from existing systems within the enterprise. For example, business adapters for Oracle, PeopleSoft, and SAP financials are packaged with its new BI products. 

At the same time, the financial-analytics component could be used by the marketing department in a traditional CRM application to determine customer profitability. 

"For certain industries, it is important that sales management understands the product-backlog information in order to decide whether or not to source materials elsewhere," Cologne said. 

Siebel's decision to launch the applications came about because companies were using Siebel's Analytic Platform to custom-build these types of applications in order to take data out of other systems. 

"We saw the opportunity to take best practices that were out there and build applications on top," Cologne said.

Siebel also announced partnerships with Teradata and Microsoft to optimise Siebel's BI applications for Microsoft SQL Server and Teradata datawarehouse. 

Michael Berry, principal analyst at Data Miners, said the deal with Teradata is an indication of Siebel's target audience. "Teradata has a lock on the high-end in data warehousing so this is evidence of where these [Siebel] applications are meant to play," he said. 

Ephraim Schwartz writes for InfoWorld

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