The big security/storage crossover: Is your job safe? [Part Four: The new age of abstraction]

The collision of storage and security will mean chances for professionals in both disciplines to accelerate their careers into areas where strategic and business skills become more important than technical sills alone, according to David Webster, Managing Director of EMC Australia and New Zealand.

"If you are a professional in storage or security, over time your focus will move towards protection of data," he says, rather than focusing on the specific disciplines of either storage or security.

This move will be accelerated by the increasing maturity of technology that blends tools covering both disciplines.

"As the technology becomes simpler to operate, the need for understanding at a higher level increases. And as automation of tasks that today require technical expertise becomes more prevalent, professionals' chance to add value in more strategic ways will be enhanced," he says.

Webster believes this good news for Australian IT professionals.

"As an employer, you want your people to develop upwards towards strategic capabilities," he says. "For an employee this is a natural course for someone who wants to develop their career. The higher you are in the pyramid, the more abstract your thinking. Moving from specific to abstract is a natural career progression."

"We believe the ANZ marketplace demands IT professionals with the ability to make business decision."

The convergence of storage and security is, he therefore argues, a potential career accelerator for today's professionals.

"Storage professionals have evolved as storage has evolved. Security professionals have done the same. This is the next stage in that evolution."

The big security/storage crossover: Is your job safe?

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