Green Grid debuts four categories for measuring PUE

The Green Grid, a group of companies striving for energy efficiency, has unveiled four categories of PUE ratings, from category 0 to category 3; plus more daily news.

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Green Grid unveils four PUE categories
The Green Grid has unveiled four categories of PUE ratings, ranging from category 0 to category 3, according to its white paper: "Recommendations for Measuring and Reporting Overall Data Centre Efficiency." Each level's measurements become more granular and precise. So, for example, an IT manager opting for category 0 will require the least effort and fewest resources. However, results from a category 0 won't be viewed as being as precise as a rival's category 3 PUE. The Green Grid is a group of IT companies and professionals from around the world looking to increase energy efficiency in data centres.

Westcon to centralise data centres through Cisco
Distributor Westcon Group is planning to centralise its data centre operations using Cisco's Unified Computing System (UCS) and EMC SAN. Westcon has three data centres globally, in the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Westcon previously had 175 physical servers globally for its network operations, and now has up to 24 Cisco UCS servers running centrally. The distributor was running an HP environment, but this two-year project has seen it gradually switch to Cisco's UCS servers.

Helsinki data centre built in bomb shelter to heat local homes
Finnish IT company Academica has installed a 2 megawatt database data centre inside an empty World War II bomb shelter. The shelter is inside the 19th-century Orthodox Uspenski Cathedral in downtown Helsinki. Water warmed from the cooling of the servers will provide heat for 500 homes or 1,000 flats in the city. After the heat is extracted, the water will be used to cool the servers again. extends services contract with Capgemini has extended its infrastructure services contract with Capgemini, for £15 million. The five-year extension will see outsourcer Capgemini support the ticket company's entire IT infrastructure, including its online and call centre customer-facing systems.

Dell to acquire deduplication firm Ocarina Networks
Dell will buy Ocarina Networks, a storage and optimisation vendor, as part of its push into the data management market. Ocarina specialises in compression and deduplication technology. Financial details of the deal were not revealed.

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