Palm Treo 850 info, photos are leaked

The Palm Treo 850, making an unexpected appearance, was recently leaked.

The Palm Treo 850, making an unexpected appearance, was recently leaked. Both information on and photos of the device indicate that the new Treo will measure in at 14 mm by 60 mm by 113 mm.

The Palm Treo 850 has made several appearances over the Internet as one of the next devices from Palm. Carrying on the tradition of former Treo iterations, an evolution in design and hardware specifications will mark this model's release.

The design of the Treo 850

Initially shown by The Boy Genius Report, the Treo 850 will share many design elements with the Palm Centro. However, it will differ in size, operating system, and hardware features.

This smartphone will reported to feature the traditional Treo/Centro thumboard, though not in the "smile" configuration that has been a Treo feature.

According to a later post by TalmsPalm, the Treo 850 will measure in at 14 mm in thickness with a width and length of 60 mm and 113 mm, respectfully.

As featured in the leaked picture, there will be dedicated call/end buttons, and a circular-styled navigation pad. Following in the tradition of Windows Mobile devices, the Treo 850 will also have two softkey buttons which appear immediately under the 320-by-320-pixel touchscreen.

More hardware specifications

TamsPalm also revealed additional hardware specifications for the Treo 850.

These include:

  • Windows Mobile Pro 6.1
  • 320 by 320 pixel touchscreen
  • GSM, EDGE, and UMTS with HSDPA 3.6
  • Assisted-GPS receiver
  • Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g)
  • microSD slot, located under the battery
  • 2 MPx camera
  • 1500 mAh battery
  • Micro-USB connector for both power and sync, replacing the Athena multiconnector
  • Bluetooth 2.0 EDR + A2DP
  • 256 MB NAND-Flash (with greater than 175 MB for user) and 32 MB SDRAM

These specifications, if correct, will put the Palm Treo 850 near the top end of what is available for Windows Mobile devices, and definitely near the top of what is offered by U.S. carriers.

Release dates, product placement

It is not known when the Treo 850 will be released. It is  known to be a GSM device, while speculation suggests it will replace the Treo 750 which has been on the market for nearly two years.

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