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  • Mediate in private or meditate in public - your choice

    Employment disputes are common, so common that lawyers make a good living out of them. However, disputes don't always have to end up costing either - or both - sides a fortune in fees.  Continue Reading

  • Stop, thief!

    Naming and shaming seems to be one new weapon that the authorities are using when it comes to dealing with those breaking the law - tax cheats and kerb crawlers in particular. However, one case seems to have gone too far.  Continue Reading

  • Protect and survive

    People are litigious, no more so than in times of crisis when things have a habit of going pear shaped. Directors of companies are particularly in the firing line as shareholders and the authorities seek to examine the detail when something - a ...  Continue Reading

  • Beware: Christmas is coming

    It won't be a surprise to readers to know that Christmas is almost upon us. But in the run-up to Christmas office parties and other forms of celebration become the norm, as does the potential for things to go wrong; parties are, sadly, regulated.  Continue Reading

  • Bending over backwards to be flexible

    In another move to enhance workers' rights, the Government has announced that the right to request flexible working will be extended to the parents of children under 18 years old from April 2011. True to form, a consultation paper will be published ...  Continue Reading

  • The M Factor

    Ever fancied being a mentor? No - we're not talking about mentoring hopefuls (and the hopeless) on X Factor. Instead, the question relates to a Government plan, put forward by Business Secretary Vince Cable, who wants to create a network of business...  Continue Reading

  • Bonus yes, bonus no

    It seems that whilst bonuses to bankers are a hot potato - quite rightly so, say many - bonuses or incentives to consumers to promote products or services are fine.  Continue Reading

  • Hire a human, or risk a fine

    Britain's single largest piece of legislation, the Companies Act 2006, has been phased in over the last four years. The latest change came in on 1 October. The change means that all UK companies now need have at least one human "natural person" as a...  Continue Reading

  • See - the system works

    In MicroScope (18 October), we reported that the Government had set up the Office of Tax Simplification with a brief to simply the taxes levied on individuals and businesses.  Continue Reading

  • That's snow business, folks

    According to a YouGov poll, 58 per cent of senior decision makers said that their businesses suffered following the heavy snows last winter even though 78 per cent of them thought that they were well prepared.  Continue Reading

  • Is the Equality Act floored by a flaw?

    The recently introduced Equality Act seems to have a flaw according to some employment lawyers and the Law Society. They say that under the new Act it's impossible to reach a compromise agreement.  Continue Reading