Sales and Customer Management

  • Opportunities in new security agenda

    If there is a theme in the security world, apart from helping customers combat day-to-day threats, it is about making the transition towards a situation where protection is twinned with business processes designed to increase efficiency.  Continue Reading

  • IBM finds CEOs keen to collaborate and partner

    The findings of a global CEO study carried out by IBMindicate that expectations of significant change in the future with a greaterrole for the internet is not just limited to those operating in the channel. Big Blue went out and asked senior ...  Continue Reading

  • Visibility is vital

    When the first ISPs started offering services to customers, the main features were web browsing, file transfer, email and news group access. Most of the internet content came from the US and the main access platform was dial-up through modems.  Continue Reading

  • Generating an attractive return

    The great attraction of the accounting software market has always been its recurring revenues. Tax changes and, increasingly, compliance regulations, mean businesses are willing to pay vendors a maintenance charge of about 20 per cent of the ...  Continue Reading

  • Me and my digital shadow

    EMC and IDC got a lot of publicity a couple of weeks ago when they released research suggesting that the digital universe was 10 per cent bigger last year than originally estimated at 281 billion gigabytes (281 exabytes) and growing by nearly 60 per...  Continue Reading