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  • Orange scores own goal with iPhone 4 plans

    Following the news last week that O2 is to can unlimited mobile data plans on the iPhone, Orange has revealed its pricing plans for the iPhone 4, reducing its fair use data limit to 750MB across its business and consumer price plans, with only the ...  Continue Reading

  • Mobile porn growing threat to corporate networks

    Most IT departments have long had policies in place that have largely wiped out the problem of pornographic websites being viewed over the corporate network. However, according to research from Damovo when it comes to mobile device policies we still...  Continue Reading

  • HP must come clean over Palm

    As the assimilation of mobility vendor Palm into the Hewlett-Packard Empire nears, several key members of Palm's webOS dev team have jumped ship. The beneficiaries? Palm's rivals Android and Apple.  Continue Reading

  • Nortel's name will live on

    In the last eighteen months, MicroScope has been following the sad demise of Nortel closer than any other UK tech publication, and in that time the vendor's other business units have all found new homes The sale of its businesses has meant ...  Continue Reading