Desktop PCs

  • HP wins place on Desktop 21

    HP and the other major vendors frequently talk about the need for resellers to get involved in selling services given the perpetual decline in hardware margins.  Continue Reading

  • Can you have your cake and EET it?

    Some people - well me - are calling EET Nordics "the Acer of the distribution world". Well at least half of the equation is right. It runs a very low cost operation, employing seven staff in the UK and running a central warehouse ...  Continue Reading

  • Will Intel have the last laugh?

    The embarrassing public court cases facing Dell and Intel will come as scant consolation to the hundreds of national system builders whose demise was sped up by the alliance between the two firms. But they might provoke a wry smile.  Continue Reading

  • A special mention for teachers

    Having taken a day's leave to accompany my youngest son on a school trip today to the Natural History Museum can I just say to anyone in the channel who has family working in the teaching profession give them a big pat on the back.  Continue Reading