Desktop PCs

  • Interest rate time bomb ticking for the channel

    The level of insolvencies are finally edging up, if a near 30% rise in fatalities can be described in such modest terms, and the superficial bubble the channel has inhabited in the last eighteen months could soon be about to burst.  Continue Reading

  • The Fry effect

    Whoever it was at Microsoft who popped a Windows 7 mobile in a jiffy bag and sent it to Stephen Fry deserves a promotion. It was a risky strategy because, let's be honest, Fry is seen as Mr Apple, but it paid off handsomely at the launch as the ...  Continue Reading

  • The tablet bandwagon rolls on

    By the time you read this who knows Sainsbury's might have launched its own tablet PC. Sounds odd but surely nothing is strange after Next and now Dixons announced products.  Continue Reading

  • There were some good things about 1986

    Having watched the England '86 series on Channel 4 it leaves me with a couple of observations. One of them is that television still has the power to shock when great scripting and acting are combined, but there is also another point to be made about...  Continue Reading