Data Protection Services

  • The security year ahead

    Shaul Efraim, VP products and marketing, Tufin Technology In 2011, network security teams will find themselves managing more firewalls from multiple vendors. Those firewalls will be serving multiple purposes, ranging from traditional perimeter ...  Continue Reading

  • IT's war, then again, maybe it's not

    Surprise, surprise, a report by the OECD into cyber security threats has recommended the media, suppliers and everyone in the IT security ecosystem should tone down the rhetoric.  Continue Reading

  • Are schools failing the IT test?

    Here's a piece of news which, on the face of it, makes sense but, if you look at it a bit closer, could also make less sense than you think. According to research from Microsoft, school kids aren't being taught the necessary IT skills to prepare ...  Continue Reading

  • Have you heard the one about the GPS tracked sharks?

    Technology gets everywhere and the reliance some people have on it is now almost total. But there are times when even IT cannot be blamed. Take the shark attacks in Egypt that are ruining things for tourists and keeping the authorities around Sharm ...  Continue Reading