Data Protection Services

  • Encryption hardware a data lifesaver

    The first thing most of us do when we get into a car is put on a seatbelt. Whether we are driving or just along for the ride, it is so important that it is the law in the UK. We don't plan to have an accident but, just in case we do, we are ...  Continue Reading

  • Time to get protected

    At a recent gathering of both good and bad hackers in a dingy pub in Leicester Square, I asked them whether the economy was opening up new opportunities for them.  Continue Reading

  • Opportunities in new security agenda

    If there is a theme in the security world, apart from helping customers combat day-to-day threats, it is about making the transition towards a situation where protection is twinned with business processes designed to increase efficiency.  Continue Reading

  • The road to virtualisation

    One of the questions resellers often ask is where some of the account managers and sales directors that they enjoyed dealing with in distribution have moved to.  Continue Reading