Channel Business Management

  • Productivity's very human limitations

    Productivity is an unwieldy sounding word but it comes up a lot in IT speak, usually as a promise or an outcome. "Increased productivity" is the favourite - well, people are hardly likely to trumpet "decreased productivity" in their business.  Continue Reading

  • Wholly and Exclusively

    The subject of business expenses and what can be claimed is an old chestnut that many businesses still make mistakes over. A recent case, Azam v HMRC, looks again at expenses incurred 'wholly and exclusively' for the purposes of the business.  Continue Reading

  • Google asks kids for social security number details

    Interesting story in New York magazine regarding Google. Seems like the web giant may have been a bit over-zealous in asking schoolkids (aged from six to 12) to provide their name, city of birth, date of birth and the last four digits of their ...  Continue Reading

  • ACAS offers a guiding light

    ACAS, the Government's arbitration service, and the TUC have produced a new guide entitled " Mediation: A guide for trade union representatives" that aims to raise awareness amongst trade union representatives of the benefits of mediation.  Continue Reading

  • How many succession plans do you need to succeed?

    Apple shareholders have been getting very exercised about what will happen when CEO Steve Jobs leaves the company. They want a succession plan. There are suggestions Apple already has one in place anyway, but personally I'm bemused by their concerns.  Continue Reading

  • Bribery Act delayed ... again...

    The implementation of the Bribery Act - see Business Man 2 November - has been delayed from its proposed start date in April. The cause of the delay is the Ministry of Justice, which still has to publish final Guidance on 'adequate procedures'.  Continue Reading