Channel Business Management

  • Keep the communication channels open to retain customers

    A recent survey by Pitney Bowes has suggested resellers should communicate more with their customers if they want to keep them. It found that lack of communication was one of the major reasons for suppliers getting sacked by customers.  Continue Reading

  • It's criminal...

    There may be times when employers want to see if their employees - potential as well as actual - have criminal records. Checks can be made with the Criminal Records Bureau but employers need to be aware that the CRB website ceased operation at the ...  Continue Reading

  • Many happy (late) returns

    How many employers have wondered if an excuse is genuine when an employee rings in - from holiday - saying that they'll be a few days late when coming back to work? A recent case - Bhopal v Virgin Media Ltd -offers a little guidance on the matter.  Continue Reading

  • Match maker

    Small to medium sized businesses based in the South East of England with 2 to 249 staff who want to invest in staff training can apply for a matched grant of upto £1000. The funding is being offered through The Leadership and Management ...  Continue Reading

  • Sickies on the wane?

    It's always been surprising just how many staff who, on national TV, admits to pulling a sickie without actually being anywhere near unwell. Well it seems that employers are cottoning onto this problem.  Continue Reading

  • Hardware sales distract attention from Oracle's software

    Oracle has taken an interesting stance with its decision to walk away from loss-making hardware deals. Explaining why the company's hardware revenues were 6% down in the fourth quarter, president and CFO Safra Catz said it had decided to avoid ...  Continue Reading