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  • Don't quote me

    Executive pay has never really left the spotlight. However, in today's straightened times, it's a very hot topic especially as executive pay of quoted companies is rising much faster than the pay of workers.  Continue Reading

  • Negligence and dismissals

    In most cases, serious negligence could be grounds for gross misconduct. But what happens if an employee has a lucky escape and nothing results from the negligence? Will a dismissal be unfair?  Continue Reading

  • Olympic Workforce?

    With the Olympics less than a year away, employers should start thinking about writing a specific Olympics policy to deal with requests for leave as well as any unauthorised absences.  Continue Reading

  • More personal liability for directors

    Pre-pack sales of failed businesses are a major irritant to all concerned, not least because of the appearance that the failed business can "dump" its debt and the buyers can start the same business all over again, debt-free, under a new company.  Continue Reading

  • New bill will strengthen consumer rights

    The Government has announced that it's producing a new Consumer Bill of Rights to 'streamline confusing and overlapping legislation and regulation' and provide stronger consumer protection.  Continue Reading

  • "Frustrated" IT professionals keen to switch jobs

    "Frustrated", "Numb", "Unchallenged" and "Underpaid". Those are the words used by IT professionals in Ireland when asked to describe how their job made them feel. Do their UK equivalents feel the same? ...  Continue Reading