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Networking and communication

  • Top client security tips of 2006

    A network user without the proper know-how is a ticking time bomb when it comes to security. Check out our top five client hardening tips of 2006 to get a head start on protecting yourself from potentially dangerous users.  Continue Reading

  • Top network security tips of 2006

    The top Windows networking security tips of 2006 cover a range of topics, including network isolation, open source Windows security tools, VPN security and more.  Continue Reading

  • Enterprises are open to Asterisk

    Organisations have become so comfortable with VoIP and standards that open-source technologies like Asterisk are being given serious consideration over big iron PBX platforms. Learn all about Asterisk here.  Continue Reading

  • VoIP softswitch

    Mera Systems' MVTS II (Mera VoIP Transit SoftswitchII) will support sophisticated routing capabilities, including various options for a carrier to send requests to ENUM registries, analyse the responses and use information received to take optimal ...  Continue Reading

  • Top midrange arrays, page 3

    Sun's Flexline won out on reliability; EqualLogic users overwhelmingly said they'd buy again.  Continue Reading