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IT legislation and regulation

  • How to write an online code of conduct for employees

    When you give your employees internet access, you give them a resource that has the potential to deliver enormous business benefits. But it also has enormous potential to be misused and, in some instances, that misuse can be damaging for the business  Continue Reading

  • The security implications of green IT

    Green IT has gone mainstream. The past year has seen corporations such as Citigroup establishing their environmental credentials by opening green datacentres. But how do the separate disciplines of green IT and information security come together?  Continue Reading

  • Top four government data collection issues

    Since September 11 2001, the volumes of information collected by counter terrorism and law enforcement agencies, and countless organisations on their behalf, has grown by several orders of magnitude.  Continue Reading

  • Internet law – Essential Guide

    Internet law is closely related to the laws that relate to other similar areas of broadcasting, retail, and information handling, and in many cases, internet laws are identical to those covering the offline world for such things as data protection, ...  Continue Reading