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Virtualisation security for enterprise servers

Don't fall prey to virtual server security myths. In this Security School lesson, expert Ben Chai explains how to implement server virtualisation securely.

Ben ChaiIn this lesson, learn potential pitfalls of and processes for implementing server virtualisation securely.

About the expert:
Ben Chai is a founding director of Incoming Thought Limited, an IT security training and consultancy practice.

Video: Best practices in securing virtual servers 
In this video presentation, learn the essential security requirements needed by a set of virtualised systems. The presentation gives a high-level summary of the technologies required to ensure the integrity, availability and confidentiality of your virtual servers are maintained to the same or higher standard than their physical counterparts.

Tip: Virtual server access control: Tactics for IT segregation of duties
Virtual servers bring new challenges to server access control. For example, in the physical server world only email administrators have access to the email servers. However in the virtual world, these same administrators may inadvertently be able to access the database servers. In this section we give you some potential gotchas caused by inadequate role based management and strategies on how to avoid them.

Podcast: Fact or Fiction: Virtual server security misconceptions
Many organisations fail to understand how important information security is to a server virtualisation implementation, so it's no surprise that enterprises also unknowingly fall prey to a wide range of misconceptions about virtual server security. In this podcast, virtualisation security expert Ben Chai offers an operational baseline to help organisations make secure decisions about their virtual server infrastructures.

Quiz: Virtualisation security for enterprise servers
How much have you learned about securing virtualised servers? Find out in this short quiz.

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