2nd Annual Big Data & Analytics for Financial Services

Exploiting structured and unstructured data for cutting edge insight, analytics and business intelligence

This event is designed for all those within Financial Services looking to utilise big data in practical applications by combining the growing sources of structured and unstructured data to provide enhanced business intelligence. Subsequently, you can perform real-time data analytics to provide market leading decision-making power and insight.

Discover and debate strategies and innovation to utilise and monetise your big data to develop advanced insight into risk, customers, markets and operations for your financial services organisations long term development and success. Key topics to be addressed include:

  • Increasing granularity of data insight to improve predictive and real-time business models, forecasts and trading decisions.
  • Addressing operational, market and trading risk using big data analytics.
  • Responding to new regulatory and compliance frameworks by using data for increased transparency.
  • Leveraging your consumer data across channels to uncover customer patterns and behaviour to improve the sales process.
  • Unlocking the value of data in operations to help reduce costs and discover new revenue opportunities.
  • Re-developing business architecture and processes to handle growing volumes of information.

The 2nd Annual Big Data & Analytics for Financial Services summit will provide you with the invaluable opportunity to speak with and learn from big data and analytics leaders from the financial services industry. Speakers include:

  • Hany Choueiri, Global Head – Entity Data Quality (GB&M), HSBC Bank
  • Warwick Bailey, VP  Business Intelligence Location Strategy, Barclays Capital
  • Ian Worley, Executive Director – ISGT, Morgan Stanley
  • Raj Subramani, Vice President,  JP Morgan Chase
  • Rupert Brown, IBO CTO Lead Architect, UBS
  • Darren Silvester, Chief Architect, Three UK
  • Colin Gibson, Head of Data Architecture Markets & International Banking, Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Stavros Isaiadis, AVP Global Electronic Trading Technology, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Take your big data and analytics efforts to the next level in an interactive forum designed just for the financial services community and avoid the generic big data content flooding the community. For more information about sessions and the speaker line-up, simply download the event brochure at www.bigdatafs.com, email enquire@iqpc.co.uk or phone +44 (0)20 7036 1300.