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What you need to know about Converged infrastructure

If you are considering converged infrastructure this guide is for you answering all of your questions and offering tips and advice


The term Converged infrastructure is one that isn’t going away, as experts continue to discuss its worth.

In this guide find out whether converged infrastructure is suited for your business and how to best approach it.

What you need to know about Converged infrastructure (PDF)

1Buying tips-

Tips to converged infrastructure


When buying converged infrastructures makes sense

Converged infrastructures can be a perfect fit for virtualised data centres, but only when considering the logistical and financial implications. Continue Reading


Learn the benefits of converged infrastructure systems

Converged infrastructures bundle compute, storage and networking into a single offering that can be deployed quickly. Find out what else they can do. Continue Reading


Converged infrastructures belong on IT budgets this year

Despite its initial cost, a converged infrastructure prevents a lot of the frustration of a heterogeneous data center, saving money long-term. Continue Reading


Don't pull the trigger without a converged infrastructure comparison

A lot goes into the decision to use converged infrastructure. Some factors are subjective while others involve straightforward cost calculations. Continue Reading


Ready or not, converged infrastructure systems are here

If you're still buying separate servers, network and storage, you might consider converged infrastructure systems as a modern alternative. Continue Reading


Hyper converged infrastructure


Comparing converged vs. hyper-converged infrastructure

Converged and hyper-converged infrastructure can tear down traditional data centre silos, but they each do so a little differently. One's more customisable than the other. Continue Reading


Hyper-converged infrastructure presents operational challenges

Bringing in a hyper-converged platform can present a complication in the data centre where networking, virtualisation and storage teams were once separated. Continue Reading


Hyper-converged infrastructure grows as new systems emerge

Hyper-converged infrastructure growth will continue as IT pros increase their understanding of these systems and vendors add important features. Continue Reading


Seven criteria for hyper-converged system selection

Expert Jon Toigo outlines seven factors to consider when evaluating a hyper-converged storage system. Continue Reading


Converged infrastructure e-book


To converge or not: Drama-free infrastructure solutions for IT

Some IT pros look at mainframes as converged infrastructure. Some see the flexibility and scalability of server farms, or outsourcing to MSPs and CSPs, and ask, why bother investing. Continue Reading

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