Essential Guide

Guide to storage performance and specs

Everything you need to know about storage performance


In this guide we explain key aspects of storage performance, including the fundamentals that affect storage performance, how to cut through the spin in vendor product specs and how to optimise storage for virtualised environments.

Demystifying storage performance metrics (PDF)


Storage performance fundamentals


Six things that can wreck storage system performance

Performance bottlenecks can occur in different places in a storage system. Here's how to identify and eliminate them. Continue Reading


Key storage performance metrics for virtual environments

We run the rule over storage performance metrics – latency, throughput and IOPS – that are key to optimising virtual machines Continue Reading

2Storage system specs-

Storage system specs and how to read them


Storage performance metrics: How to read array supplier specification sheets

Storage array makers’ spec sheets can be difficult to translate and sometimes prove misleading – the trick is to dig out the devil in the detail Continue Reading


$/GB vs $/IOPS and how to compare enterprise storage pricing

While raw drive prices are pennies per GB, the actual cost of enterprise storage is much higher. Finding a baseline can save you money Continue Reading


Storage performance metrics: How suppliers spin performance specifications

Array makers’ storage performance specs are not always what they seem. Storage analysts explain how suppliers spin spec sheet figures Continue Reading

3Virtual performance-

Virtualisation and storage performance

4Cloud, flash and storage-

Cloud, flash and storage performance


SAN storage systems purchases driven by capacity, performance

Anticipated year-over-year capacity growth of 24% and the need to boost the performance of existing applications is driving new SAN storage systems. Continue Reading