Essential Guide

Essential guide to prefabricated and micro datacentres

In this essential guide, we look at datacentre options and examine how organisations are building out their datacentres


IT leaders have more options than ever for developing their datacentre strategy, from traditional approaches such as colocation or hosting, to cloud services and of course, in-house build. But some trends are common – optimising performance, reducing space, and rapidly responding to changing business needs. One of the emerging areas is the use of prefabricated datacentres – a made to measure set-up, plugged into place in your own site – and also micro datacentres, which provide facilities on the edge of the network. In this essential guide, we look at the datacentre options and examine how organisations are building out their datacentres.

Prefabricated and Macro Datacentres: The Essential Guide (PDF)

1Examining datacentre options-

Building a datacentre

There are many innovations affecting datacentre strategy and a growing range of alternative solutions.


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2Prefabricated datacentres-

Micro and modular datacentres

You don’t have to build a datacentre from scratch – modular and micro datacentres offer a quick way to build or grow your facility.


Micro-datacentre: What IT problems it solves and what workload systems suit it

A micro-datacentre is a smaller containerised datacentre system designed to solve different problems or to handle different workloads. Continue Reading


Micro datacentres keep businesses competitive from next door

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How to choose a micro datacentre in rugged locations

Rather than a big container setup, the micro datacentre fits a whole compute system onto 23U, with fire and climate protection built in. Continue Reading

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3Datacentres in action-

Datacentre case studies

This section looks at some of the datacentre solutions chosen by companies large and small around the world.


Containers transform steel mill into modular datacentre

Stacking containers inside a former steel mill creates a new modularly designed datacentre with abundant power. Continue Reading


Building the 'world's greenest datacentre' in Falun, Sweden

The world’s first datacentre operating to mutual advantage with the district's heating and energy systems is being built in the Swedish town of Falun. Continue Reading


Google builds energy-efficient datacentre in US coal power plant

Internet giant Google has said it intends to use a decommissioned coal power plant's infrastructure to deliver renewable energy to its next US datacentre. Continue Reading


Fife Council approves £100m green datacentre building plans

Development of green datacentre campus designed to help Scottish businesses tap into cloud computing trend. Continue Reading


Nike builds datacentre cloud and network infrastructure

Nike is creating a scalable next-generation datacentre cloud and retail network infrastructure using Juniper's MetaFabric architecture. Continue Reading

4Datacentre trends-

Trends in datacentres

A look at some of the emerging technologies and approaches for developing your datacentre strategy


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