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Essential guide to optimising hybrid IT infrastructure

Gain the best performance from your hybrid cloud IT


Many organisations are turning to a hybrid IT infrastructure - using a mix of public and private cloud, often alongside legacy on-premise systems. This hybrid environment presents new challenges for optimising performance, cost, application development and IT operations. In this essential guide, we include articles looking at best practice and key technologies in server, storage, networks, DevOps and hyperconverged systems to make the most of your hybrid IT.

Essential Guide: Optimising hybrid IT infrastructure


Optimising servers and compute

What does hybrid IT mean for datacentres, servers, and on-premise compute power? We examine the issues


New model datacentres require hybrid approach

CIOs must marry legacy datacentre infrastructure with the agility of public and private cloud environments Continue Reading


Hybrid cloud strategy offers best of both worlds

More and more businesses are adopting a hybrid cloud strategy for their datacentre needs. Computer Weekly looks at what’s on offer Continue Reading


On-premise IT still the only way to run certain tasks

How to augment a public cloud strategy with on-premise IT by running workloads in a private cloud and bursting to the public cloud Continue Reading


CW500: The rocky road to software-defined everything

Moving to a software-defined environment can deliver a huge range of benefits, but for most organisations it is not an easy journey Continue Reading


Optimising networks

Using hybrid cloud, with its mix of on-premise and public cloud systems, puts new demands on the corporate network. We look at the key strategies for hybrid IT networking


How to move to a network hybrid cloud architecture

Learn how to avoid network hybrid cloud architecture problems before a migration, and why uniformity and consistent performance are essential for success. Continue Reading


Adoption of cloud computing means updating networks

The widespread adoption of cloud computing means enterprises have to carefully balance how they upgrade their network infrastructure. Continue Reading


Enterprise SDN adoption rapidly approaching tipping point, claims report

A study commissioned by networking solutions supplier Riverbed claims that legacy networks are causing problems for businesses trying to undergo digital transformation, and more decision makers are considering SDN as a result Continue Reading


What is intent-based networking, and what can it do for your business?

Beyond the marketing hype, does intent-based networking mean anything, and can it improve how your infrastructure runs? Continue Reading


Optimising storage

Organisations need to manage data across in-house and cloud-based systems in a hybrid IT environment. Find out what to do, and the technologies you need


Hybrid cloud storage: What it is and how to deploy it

Hybrid cloud storage optimises the opportunities provided by the cloud while recognising and working with its limitations Continue Reading


Software-defined storage: The pros and cons, and what is available

Software-defined storage is a rapidly rising trend in the datacentre, but what are the advantages and disadvantages of building your own storage, and is it suitable for all organisations? Continue Reading


How to tune storage performance for different workloads

We run the rule over what’s needed to get the best storage performance for databases, virtual servers and desktops, web and email servers and analytics use cases Continue Reading


Private cloud: Orchestration, storage and containers

We look at the key requirements and components of private cloud – including the use of container platforms – and the impact of private cloud on storage in the datacentre Continue Reading


Optimising with DevOps

DevOps involves combining IT operations and software development to improve productivity and deliver more flexible IT - as such, it's an important tool for optimising hybrid IT architecture


How going cloud native can increase app agility

We look at how cloud-native applications can deliver far more dynamic support to meet an organisation’s needs Continue Reading


How composable applications can improve software development

We speak to experts in the field of software development about the pros and cons of componentising application software Continue Reading


Container technologies for cloud-native apps

A deep dive exploring the layers that go into a container-based platform for enterprise applications Continue Reading


Insurance giant Allianz opens up about how DevOps success is fueling its move to cloud

The German financial services giant reveals details of how a year-long push to embrace DevOps has set the scene for a move to cloud Continue Reading

5Hyperconverged infrastructure-

Optimising with hyperconverged systems

Hyperconverged systems combine compute, network and storage capabilities into a highly optimised unit, making it an essential technology in a hybrid cloud infrastructure


How hyper-convergence is changing the shape of IT

Computer Weekly looks at how the hyper-converged market is hotting up, pulling together the latest analyst research findings Continue Reading


Datacentre decisions: Converged vs hyper-converged infrastructure

Converged and hyper-converged infrastructure are ready-tested ways to put compute and storage into the datacentre. But which should you choose for your deployment? Continue Reading


Tips for buying hyper-converged systems

Hyper-converged infrastructure has become a commonly used term. But what is it? And is it necessary for your organisation? Continue Reading


Hyper-convergence: the good, the bad and the ugly

Hyper-converged technologies are gaining traction, but what can they do for your organisation Continue Reading