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A guide to business process automation software

Automation software is cutting the time and money spent on completing business processes, this guide explains the options for businesses and features articles explaining the technology and telling real life business process automation stories.


Automation software is being used by businesses to reduce the costs associated with completing particular processes. It is a way of reducing labour intensive activities.

Business processes begin with a task such as a customer asking a mobile operator for a new SIM card, which triggers off a chain of events that is concluded when the customer confirms receipt of the card.

This guide, with news, case studies and research, describes what automation software is and how it is transforming businesses. Keep up to date with the spread of business process automation software.


What is Business Process Automation software?

Business process automation software is being used by businesses to reduce the cost in time and money carrying out common business processes. Manual triggers are being replaced by software which integrates disparate systems to enable an end to end business process. Costs are saved by the reduced need for people


Business Process Automation software news


Infosys partners IPsoft as automation trend shakes offshore model

Indian IT services giant Infosys is using IPsoft’s technology to automate its IT and business process services Continue Reading


Intellect builds better understanding of automation in UK

IT industry body Intellect is wants to raise awareness of the benefits that automation software can bring to UK business Continue Reading


Low-level tasks eat up 30% of IT departments' time, report reveals

IT departments spend 30% of their time carrying out basic tasks and are growing frustrated with the lack of time available to focus on transformational work Continue Reading


Shop Direct deploys software to automate business processes

Online shopping giant Shop Direct has deployed software to automate business processes without eating into the IT department’s busy timetable Continue Reading


Co-operative bank extends automation with Blue Prism

Co-operative Financial Services has extended its deployment of Blue Prism software to automate the daily process of accepting or rejecting direct debits, cheques and standing orders on accounts with insufficient funds. Continue Reading


Exeter University automates overseas student processing for UKBA compliance

The University of Exeter is using IT to replace manual processing overseas students in compliance with UK Border Authority (UKBA) rules Continue Reading


University reduces three week process to seconds

The University of Greenwich has reduced the time it takes to process student tutorial appointments from three weeks to a matter of seconds through automation software. Continue Reading


Multiple automation technologies cause problems

Almost all IT workers that use multiple automation technologies are having serious problems as a result of the need to process more jobs, according to a Forrester survey. Continue Reading

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Business Process Automation in depth


O2 automation cuts offshore dependence and saves millions

O2 is automating business processes to reduce the cost of back office operations and cut its reliance on offshore recruitment Continue Reading


Find sweet spots for business process automation

Many business processes lend themselves readily to the increased efficiencies of business process automation. The trick is figuring out which ones. Continue Reading


Videos on business process automation software