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A guide to application performance management

This guide to managing application performance covers transaction speeds, networking, workflow and tools for performance detection and diagnosis.


Application monitoring solutions are designed to aid your organisation in detecting and resolving issues with application performance, before they affect your end users.

Focusing on monitoring and managing the performance/availability of applications, this guide offers news articles, tips and advice. This guide includes topics such as the speed of transactions, networking issues, workflow and related tools for performance detection and diagnosis.

A guide to application performance management (PDF)


What is application performance management?

Application performance management (APM) is a discipline within systems management. It focuses on the monitoring and availability of software applications. APM looks at how fast transactions are completed for an end user or how fast information is delivered to the end user, via a particular network or web services infrastructure.

2News and tips-

Application performance management news and tips


Application performance management tools: A must-have for the cloud

SSQ contributor Crystal Bedell talks to APM experts about considerations for decision makers when evaluating APM tools for their cloud-based applications. Continue Reading


Application performance management tools for the cloud

There are many application performance management tools available that can collect and analyze metrics for organizations using distributed cloud-based applications. Continue Reading


Network management is all about application performance

Now that networks are measured by application performance, IT teams must seek out application-aware network management and monitoring tools. Continue Reading


Agile cloud networks are key to application performance and access

It takes agile cloud networks, integration of public and private clouds and QoS management to ensure seamless application access and performance. Continue Reading


End-to-end network application performance monitoring

Network application performance monitoring inevitably leads to the use of multiple monitoring tools at once. That doesn’t have to be a management nightmare. Continue Reading


WAN management: Look at application performance management, not uptime

Riverbed vice president Paul Brady explains why and how WAN managers should look beyond Layer 3 and provide WAN application performance management for key business applications. Continue Reading


Cloud application performance management: Ten insights

Cloud application performance management (CAPM) is ferent from non-cloud application performance management in its nature and deployment. Software consultant Nari Kannan explains CAPM and how to choose the right tools for deploying your solution. Continue Reading


Who needs application performance management?

Expert Jesse Rothstein says IT organizations accountable for the uptime and performance of core applications can benefit from application performance management solutions. Continue Reading


Enhance mobile application performance with network testing

Learn how to ensure robust end-to-end testing of mobile applications and their superior performance. Continue Reading


Application performance management quiz


Quiz your application performance management knowledge

Test your knowledge of application performance management in Agile, application lifecycle management and cloud environments. Continue Reading


Application performance management videos


Ensuring acceptable WAN application performance

In this WAN application performance video, get advice and best practices for pinpointing WAN performance problems, learn how to identify performance problems and discover key strategies for addressing performance issues from our expert.


How to build a high performance application development organization

Forrester Analyst David West explained how to build a highly effective application development organization from the perspective of a highly productive and valuable testing program.


Using application monitoring software for health IT systems

Application monitoring software helps isolate system issues that need to be fixed. This boosts physicians’ confidence in health IT, one CIO said in this video shot at the HIMSS10 annual conference.


Deploying high performance enterprise wireless LANs, screencast video

Learn how to deploy and build a high performance enterprise wireless local area network (WLAN) with emerging technology improvements like 802.11n in order to boost network performance speeds.

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