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A CIOs guide to the Internet of Things (IoT)

A guide to make sense of the Internet to Things (IoT)


In this guide find out about the emerging market the Internet of Things (IoT). Find out advice, read case studies and learn how to manage the massive growth in connected devices and objects.

Read examples of how to deploy IoT and learn how assess its future impact on your organisation's network.

A CIOs guide to the Internet of Things (IoT) (PDF)


Networks and IoT


Connected cars driving into mobile traffic jams

Mobile network operators may face significant traffic management challenges as more connected cars take to the roads, says study Continue Reading


Huawei launches SDN operating system for Internet of Things

At Huawei Network Congress in Beijing, Huawei unveils the world’s first software-defined IoT solution and a upgraded, faster SDN Cloud Fabric Continue Reading


Airbus Defence and Space embarks on networking R&D venture with Cisco

Airbus Defence and Space partners with Cisco to develop networking systems around SDN, security, mobile, cloud and the internet of things Continue Reading


Mobile World Congress: Cisco, Deutsche Telekom and Intel target IoT startups

Challenge Up! internet of things accelerator launched to target connected European startups Continue Reading

2IoT data threats-

IoT security concerns


Identity is key to meeting IoT security challenges, says NetIQ

The IoT will not necessarily introduce new cyber threats, but it will amplify those we are already facing, says NetIQ solutions consulting director Continue Reading


Security pros must look out for IoT threats, says GE CISO

Security threats from the IoT have yet to reach wide public perception, says Hanns Proenen, chief information security officer at GE Europe Continue Reading


IoT benefits and privacy not mutually exclusive, says industry expert

It is possible to mitigate the privacy and security risks of the internet of things (IoT) without losing its benefits, according to an industry expert Continue Reading

3IoT capacity issues -

The impact of IoT on the datacentre


Datacentre investments needed for IoT to fulfil its potential, warns IDC

IDC warns the IoT could fail to reach its full potential unless datacentre capacity issues are addressed Continue Reading

4IoT case studies-

How are businesses deploying IoT?


CES 2015: Car companies showcase automotive digitisation

Autonomous automotive technology has stolen the limelight from the usual fodder of gadgets at CES in Las Vegas Continue Reading


Startup Insulin Angel uses internet of things to help diabetics

Germany-based Insulin Angel deploys internet of things sensors to help diabetics keep track of vital medication Continue Reading


Bristol signs NEC to develop smart city infrastructure

NEC, Bristol Council and the University of Bristol create an open, programmable city for smarter transport, environment and health services Continue Reading

5Public sector -

Government support for IoT


Internet of things and 5G network research priority in 2015 Budget

Research into the internet of things and the 5G networks to support it figured highly in chancellor George Osborne’s 2015 Budget Continue Reading


Government smart meter project should "halted, altered or scrapped"

The Institute of Directors has weighed in on the controversial smart meter rollout and called for the scheme to be halted, altered or scrapped in its current form Continue Reading


Budget 2015: First look at the policies for technology

Chancellor George Osborne announced a range of Budget measures to help the growth of technology and digital government across the UK Continue Reading


Public sector slow to pick up on the internet of things, says Gartner

A Gartner report predicts smart city deployments will be heavily skewed towards the private sector, leaving the public sector trailing Continue Reading

6IIoT and big data -

Managing the IoT data


Big data to unlock value from the industrial internet of things

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) is changing the way we live and work, and extracting maximum value requires a big data approach Continue Reading


What do the experts think of IoT?


IoT and smart devices need ethical programmers, says Gartner

The internet of things (IoT) will need an emphasis on ethical programming if people are to come to trust smart machines and devices, say analysts Continue Reading


Digital transformation affects every business, says Martin Kuppinger

Digital transformation is unstoppable and affects every industry and business, according to KuppingerCole principal analyst Martin Kuppinger Continue Reading


The internet of things: a second digital revolution worth trillions

The government’s chief scientific adviser has released his long-awaited review on the internet of things Continue Reading


A lot of nonsense touted about IoT, says analyst

There is a lot of nonsense being touted about the internet of things, says Ovum analyst Continue Reading


The IoT industry needs to do more to secure data, says Beecham Research

There are key areas where the industry supporting the internet of things (IoT) needs to provide better security, according to Beecham Research Continue Reading