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    The First 100 Days?

    Toby Stevens Enterprise Privacy Group 12 May 2010

    It's a bright, sunny morning. Finally, we have a new government. I'm excited. I've a strong sense that a Conservative-Liberal coalition could be the best possible election outcome for the UK: a ...

  • At some point in the next few hours, we're likely to find out the shape of the next government. I deliberately avoided commenting on my political preferences in the run-up to the election, ...

  • Identity, Privacy and Trust

    Erasing David

    Toby Stevens Enterprise Privacy Group 29 Apr 2010

    Tonight is the premiere of David Bond's new film 'Erasing David,' which will also be shown on More 4 at 10pm on 4th May. If you have any doubt in your mind about whether we have already sleepwalked ...