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  • Downtime

    Driving without hand signals

    Cliff Saran Managing Editor 15 Jun 2016

    Samar is not having a good day today. Windows 10 has gone and upgraded his perfectly good laptop, and now it runs like an old yak. Samar doesn't get road rage, he's a calm and ever courteous driver ...

  • Downtime

    Life in Bob's car

    Cliff Saran Managing Editor 02 Jun 2016

    Film director Natalia Andreadis wants people to film their car experiences, getting their real life experiences on the road, for her new film, Life in a Car. She says: "Life in a Car will bring ...

  • When it comes to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), why manage one single API by single API every time you need to manage an API? Why not instead manage APIs with an API management console ...