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    Boiler comes clean about skiving owner

    Karl Flinders Emea Content Editor, Computer Weekly 14 Mar 2014

    The Internet of Things introduces some interesting possibilities. Devices in the home could soon have enough computing power to be used in hacks. Imagine your fridge spying on you. But perhaps the ...

  • Charity What About the Children is warning about the risks of giving young children smartphones, the BBC has reported.It's down to mother's ignoring their infants. Here in the busy Downtime office, ...

  • Troels Oerting, the head of Europol's cybercrime division told viewers of BBC's Click that they shouldn't use free Wi-Fi for sending secure data such as when they log into an online bank, to avoid ...

  • Downtime

    There's an app for crap

    Karl Flinders Emea Content Editor, Computer Weekly 06 Mar 2014

    A new app is being tested out in the New Orleans which attempts to cut out the nasty habit of people urinating and excreting in the street. The AirPnP is based on AirBnB, which helps people rent ...

  • Downtime

    New app to make cheating easier

    Karl Flinders Emea Content Editor, Computer Weekly 28 Feb 2014

    Social media has changed the world. Lovers today are in constant contact with smiley faces and messages going back and forward 24:7.This is hard work for many. So one company has developed an App ...

  • Everyone is at panic stations since the revelations of Edward Snowden and the sneaky spying by governments on our communications. But the industry that has been providing the data to the state are ...

  • Canterbury Cathedral. View from the north west circa 1890-1900 (retouched from a black & white photograph). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)For better or worse, filthy content is only ever a click ...