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  • A stream of fanboy refugees winding down Regent Street, equipped with sleeping bags for a rough night on the pavement can mean only one thing: a new Apple product is about to hit the shelves.

  • American teen Michael Bell Jr will be concentrating a lot harder at school now.After returning home one evening with his report card, which containted three F's, Michael's parents decided a ...

  • Burglary 101: Always check there are no computing devices in the room before liberating any of the goods because someone may just be watching. That's the painful and embarrassing lesson learned by ...

  • Twitter has added another string to its ever impressive bow of usefulness.It can now practically write Downtime entries.The hashtag "#ComputingSongs" was trending in London today and included a ...

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    Vince Cable put a cap in my ass

    Karl Flinders Emea Content Editor, Computer Weekly 08 Mar 2012

    The trend to make business applications easier to use through what is known as Gamification could have the side effect of public services being delivered at gunpoint..Applying for a government loan ...

  • An sms conversation between two Apple execs, Tom and Stephen, was recorded and can now be exclusively unveiled right here on Downtime detailing how the New iPad was put together.

  • At this year's CeBIT expo in Hannover, Germany, British robot-designer/artist Giles Walker showcased his pole-dancing robots.Yes, you read that right. Pole-dancing robots. Alan Partridge would be ...