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  • Downtime

    Limericks on downtime

    Bill Goodwin Computer Weekly 06 Jul 2012

    We have been thinking its time to raise the cultural level on downtime for some time. Does downtime really have to devote so much space to, frankly, downmarket jokes and innuendo. How about Unix ...

  • Dane-Elec have transformed some of the most well known Marvel action heroes, including Spider-Man, into 4GB USB drives.They will soon be available, with a 5 year guarantee, for around £9.99.As if a ...

  • Downtime

    IT soundbite of the day

    Bill Goodwin Computer Weekly 05 Jul 2012

    "We are in danger of creating teams of Morlocks, people who live underground with very dark eyes. And that is not good for anyone."Thanks to Gus Power, CTO of Energised Work, for this salutary ...

  • Downtime was interested to see how technology can change history these days. Those clever IT bods at UEFA are using digital technology and super-fast networking kit to edit apparently live ...

  • We are obsessed with getting Wi-Fi in weird and wacky places where it really isn't necessary to access the internet - well, except to check to out Computer Weekly of course! Now, it seems theme ...

  • UK prisons are to get state-of-the-art mobile technology that is not available to the public, but not the kind that inmates will appreciate. Far from having reception issues, prisoners have been ...

  • Downtime

    Spray on batteries

    Kathleen Hall TechTarget 29 Jun 2012

    How cool is this. Students at Rice University, Houston, have invented a spray-on battery. The lithium-ion battery that can be painted on virtually any surface. All you need to do is spray on each ...