When IT Meets Politics

August 2019

  • Towards a joined-up Cybersecurity Policy

    Philip Virgo - Winsafe Ltd 29 Aug 2019
  • It is not enough to have policies that satisfy the conflicting requirements of the EU and US for data protection, including notification to attract fraudsters to the victims of a breach, like ...

  • From Action Fraud to Action Plans

    Philip Virgo - Winsafe Ltd 19 Aug 2019
  • 1 Action Fraud had an impossible task The Times undercover investigation at Action Fraud  has led to a rash of publicity, both tabloid  and professional . The only surprise is that it has taken so ...

  • A new look at the Cybersecurity Skills Market

    Philip Virgo - Winsafe Ltd 13 Aug 2019
  • Hence the need to address the cyberskills for justice and deterrence , not just those for cyberwarfare, protection and surveillance. And the more widespread those skills, the more dangerous the ...