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July 2012

  • Lords support Commission Against BDUK Framework

    Philip Virgo - Winsafe Ltd 31 Jul 2012
  • The Lords ... have come up with a relatively simple way of enabling ministers to save face by focussing the BDUK framework on access and inter-operability rather than nominal speeds. However the ...

  • Has the Olympic cyberwar begun?

    Philip Virgo - Winsafe Ltd 30 Jul 2012
  • This is the first games to be held in a major financial centre since 1948. The Internet will indeed have come of age if card and on-line fraud can be held to negligible amounts without seriously ...

  • UK Telcos and ISPs split over broadband rationing

    Philip Virgo - Winsafe Ltd 25 Jul 2012
  • Regulation should be there to ensure that customers get a fair and sustainable service. It is not there to protect current incumbents from change, let alone lock them into business models (like ...