When IT Meets Politics

September 2008

  • Your life's data in their hands?

    Philip Virgo - Winsafe Ltd 24 Sep 2008
  • This is an important consultation and even if you think the questions are flawed, it contains the comment spaces to make your views known. And you should - both as inisdviduals and collectively via ...

  • Is your database really necessary?

    Philip Virgo - Winsafe Ltd 22 Sep 2008
  • use a deletion routine that auto-archives to encrypted CD for storage in the cheapest, reasonably secure data vault available - and then lobby with your peers to ensure that those who want access ...

  • An ICT-driven crash? The recriminations begin

    Philip Virgo - Winsafe Ltd 22 Sep 2008
  • '...if they cannot explain in basic anglo-saxon what it does and how it does it. Tell them in even more basic anglo-saxon what they can do with it.'