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January 2010

  • Dante's Internet

    Suw Charman-Anderson 29 Jan 2010
  • Via Kate Harding, a bonus post! (Enclicken to enbiggen.)

  • Are you T-shaped?

    Suw Charman-Anderson 29 Jan 2010
  • I recently discovered Keith Sawyer's blog, Creativity & Innovation. Keith is a professor of psychology, an expert on creativity and well worth a read. In his post about cross understanding in ...

  • The iPad - a social computer?

    Suw Charman-Anderson 28 Jan 2010
  • I've been ignoring all the build-up to this year's Apple produce announcement, mainly because I just didn't want to get my hopes up. But it turns out that I'm actually quite excited about the iPad, ...

  • Social media and productivity

    Suw Charman-Anderson 18 Jan 2010
  • I've been thinking this morning about why people who are interested in social media are often interested in productivity as well. Adam created a productivity category here on The Social Enterprise ...

  • Still think social media is a fad?

    Suw Charman-Anderson 15 Jan 2010
  • From Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics (via Cyberjournalist):

  • David Carr on Twitter

    Suw Charman-Anderson 14 Jan 2010
  • There's a lot of stuff written about Twitter and most of it rubbish, but every now and again I read something that really sums Twitter up nicely. This piece by David Carr in the New York Times is ...

  • Giving ourselves space to create

    Suw Charman-Anderson 13 Jan 2010
  • There are lots of reasons why letting people blog behind (or in front of) the firewall is a good idea, but one of the key benefits to blogging is how easy it makes thoughtfulness and creativity. In ...

  • Two thoughts

    Suw Charman-Anderson 12 Jan 2010
  • Couple of thoughts from Euan Semple that are really worth considering in the context of social media behind the firewall. Firstly: Social media relies on people having the temerity to say what they ...