The Full Spectrum

September 2013

  • 4G isn't making me shun my Wi-Fi... yet

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 20 Sep 2013
  • Mobile operators may be arch enemies most of the time, but if there is one thing that brings them together onto the same side it is the threat of Wi-Fi. When a user chooses to leap onto a wireless ...

  • Money for nothing and 2Mbps for me (if I'm lucky...)

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 19 Sep 2013
  • As with many on their commute to work, I end up with my head buried in the Metro, hoovering up the bite-sized news chunks and cracking a smile at how much Nemi reminds me of myself. This morning, ...

  • Doth Huawei protest too much?

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 13 Sep 2013
  • English: Huawei E5 mobile Wi-Fi device (Photo credit: Wikipedia)This week I flew off to sunny Stockholm to get a glimpse inside the R&D centre of one of the world's most controversial ...

  • We will win in the 4G operator wars

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 09 Sep 2013
  • I was both surprised and impressed when I opened my email this morning. EE was shouting from the rooftops - through text form of course - that it had reached its goal of signing up one million ...

  • Kroes knows best, ok?

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 05 Sep 2013
  • NOG Brussel: Neelie Kroes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)There has been a lot of speculation in the past week around plans championed by Neelie Kroes to scrap roaming charges throughout Europe. A report ...

  • Today Nokia becomes the telecoms company it should be

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 03 Sep 2013
  • I am sure by now you have seen the news that Microsoft has agreed a deal to buy Nokia's device and services businesses for a significant €5.44bn. Nokia expects €3.2bn of that to be a gain and even ...