The Full Spectrum

October 2012

  • Clean your connectors!

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 31 Oct 2012
  • English: Fibre optic strands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)I am at SNW Europe this week and have attended a number of sessions from the great and good of the storage and networking industries. There may ...

  • Apple, do what the judge tells you and learn how to spell

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 26 Oct 2012
  • Image via CrunchBaseThe on-going rumble of litigation between Apple and Samsung may have made for some good headlines, but I for one am getting bored. The iPad maker has claimed on several ...

  • You might need deep pockets for 4G

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 23 Oct 2012
  • Today is a memorable day in the worlds of television and mobile. It may not be one celebrated with balloons or mourned with Robbie Williams' songs but it does mark a significant change in the ...