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  • Laptop Encryption: implement as standard?

    Stuart King - Reed Elsevier 20 Aug 2008
  • Is it still necessary to have to make a case to implement encryption on laptop computers or should we, by now, simply consider it to be normal practice? Seems like a question with a pretty obvious ...

  • NHS Trust lost diary with personal data

    Stuart King - Reed Elsevier 19 Aug 2008
  • An interesting data "breach" reported on the Breach Blog where a midwife's diary containing personal information on hundreds of new and expectant mothers has been lost from a Health Trust in ...

  • How not to prevent data theft

    Stuart King - Reed Elsevier 14 Aug 2008
  • There's some information available about how the insider fraud at Countrywide that I mentioned on this blog a few days ago was performed. See here. ...in an effort to prevent users from loading ...

  • Keeping the reports effective

    Stuart King - Reed Elsevier 13 Aug 2008
  • Security metrics and dashboards are on my mind at the moment. It's time to review the effectiveness of my regular reports to the board and work on keeping them effective and, most importantly, ...

  • Security fatigue and predictions for 2009

    Stuart King - Reed Elsevier 12 Aug 2008
  • A friend of mine, currently in the process of organising one of the hot conference events in the industry calendar for next year, was hypothesising yesterday about what the predominant information ...

  • Government loose lips on trains

    Stuart King - Reed Elsevier 11 Aug 2008
  • One thing that always amazes me is my teenage son's ability to navigate his way around complex computer games, quickly learn and master new tunes on his guitar, maintain six simultaneous instant ...

  • Anyone still think RFID passports are a good idea?

    Stuart King - Reed Elsevier 06 Aug 2008
  • Sometimes the most unlikely of my musings on this blog become big hits instantly attracting hundreds of page views, while others that I'll sit up considering into the early hours fail to draw the ...

  • Insider fraud at JPMorgan and Countrywide highlights the risks

    Stuart King - Reed Elsevier 05 Aug 2008
  • Two more stories in the news that highlight insider risks. The first involves an employee of American loan firm Countrywide selling sensitive customer data to a third party (see here) , the second ...

  • Risk assessment - consider the consequences

    Stuart King - Reed Elsevier 04 Aug 2008
  • There's an interesting new blog on the subject of Information Security Risk by Chris Hayes that you can read at http://risktical.com/. One of the first posts ponders the question "What is risk?" ...

  • Insider Threats cannot be prevented with technology alone

    Stuart King - Reed Elsevier 01 Aug 2008
  • Some of my favorite stories about insider threats come from a book written by Vasili Mitrokhin. For those of you unfamiliar with the name, Mitrokhin was formerly a senior Soviet intelligence ...

  • Where do we spend the money?

    Stuart King - Reed Elsevier 31 Jul 2008
  • I was involved in a debate today where three opposing views were being taken with regards to implementing a hypothetical new online application. Given a limited budget, should most of the money be ...

  • McKinnon - fair enough?

    Stuart King - Reed Elsevier 30 Jul 2008
  • I was less than complimentary about Gary Mckinnon on this blog a short while ago and I've not changed my opinion. For obvious reasons, I have little sympathy for hackers regardless of their ...