Risk Management with Stuart King and Duncan Hart

September 2007

  • Too much faith in vulnerable technology?

    Stuart King - Reed Elsevier 09 Sep 2007
  • Someone recently posed the following question: Given the constant stream of news regarding attacks against government, banking, and other computer systems, and the depency on Internet connectivity, ...

  • HSBC new two-factor authentication system

    Stuart King - Reed Elsevier 07 Sep 2007
  • Hooray for HSBC and their new security authentication system as described here: https://www.computerweekly.com/news/2240082853/HSBC-develops-new-security-authentication-system. I've ...

  • Never say "No"

    Stuart King - Reed Elsevier 06 Sep 2007
  • One pearl of wisdom I particularly like is "never say no, put a price on yes." I apply this a lot in my work because, IMHO, the very worst thing a security manager can do is refuse to sign-off on a ...

  • Back on the job

    Stuart King - Reed Elsevier 05 Sep 2007
  • It's been a while since my last blog posting here. A change in jobs, location, and family status all within the space of a few weeks meant that something had to give. With my life now reaching some ...