Risk Management with Stuart King and Duncan Hart

December 2006

  • Getting the documentation right

    Stuart King - Reed Elsevier 04 Dec 2006
  • One of the stated objectives of this blog is to describe some of the operational challenges that I encounter on a day-to-day basis. My role is certainly challenging with a good deal of variety: one ...

  • Security Perceptions

    Stuart King - Reed Elsevier 02 Dec 2006
  • ...managing security is more than just understanding the technicalities of controls and knowing who Mr Diffe and Mr Helman were

  • Web 2.0 Security

    Stuart King - Reed Elsevier 01 Dec 2006
  • A good article at the moment on SecurityFocus on "Vulnerability Scanning Web 2.0 Client-Side Components." While Web 2.0 applications offer the ability to create very rich client interfaces, it's a ...