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August 2010

  • Pentagon hackers

    Kathleen Hall - TechTarget 26 Aug 2010
  • The private sector has known for decades about the threat posed by memory devices, both for unauthorised copying of confidential information as well as a carrier of malware.

  • Google-Verizon net neutrality proposals

    Kathleen Hall - TechTarget 25 Aug 2010
  • In August Google and Verizon proposed a number of policies that the US communications regulator, the Federal Communications Commission could consider with respect to net neutrality, the doctrine ...

  • GCSE results show there's no 'IT' in generation 'Y'

    Jenny Williams - University of Gloucestershire 24 Aug 2010
  • What's happened to the tech-savvy generation? GCSE and A-level IT results are in. And neither offers much hope for plugging the IT skills gap with young IT talent.