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February 2009

  • Personal DRM: key to privacy?

    Warwick Ashford - Senior analyst 26 Feb 2009
  • Data privacy has become a social and economic imperative, but protecting personal information is a technical challenge.What is the way forward?Brendon Lynch, director of privacy at Microsoft's ...

  • Can you hack a set top box ?

    Bill Goodwin - Computer Weekly 10 Feb 2009
  • Is it possible for hackers to tap into your set top box ? Computer Weekly reader Jeremy Jones thinks so. Jeremy has sent us a video showing some bizarre subtitles that have appeared on his ...

  • How to get Digital Britain moving

    Kathleen Hall - TechTarget 06 Feb 2009
  • If communications minister Stephen Carter really wanted to create widespread demand for high speed broadband, he would encourage content producers. He should stipulate that the work should be high ...

  • It's a snow news day...

    Rebecca Froley 02 Feb 2009
  • Computer Weekly team members are working from a variety of locations today, because of the poor weather conditions, but we're still getting stuff online, if a little more slowly than usual.