Quocirca Insights

April 2014

  • Print security: The cost of complacency

    Louella Fernandes - Quocirca 23 Apr 2014
  • Quocirca research reveals that enterprises place a low priority on print security despite over 60% admitting that they have experienced a print-related data breach.

  • Internet of Things - Architectures of Jelly

    Rob Bamforth - Timefort 17 Apr 2014
  • In today's world of acronyms and jargon, there are increasing references to the Internet of things (IoT), machine to machine (M2M) or a 'steel collar' workforce. It doesn't really matter what you ...

  • Managing a PC estate

    Clive Longbottom 15 Apr 2014
  • PCs remain the most common means of accessing IT within an organisation. Despite moves toward VDI, the majority of organisations will still have PC estates that they find difficult to manage.