Public Sector IT

September 2012

  • NHS gives up rights over patient software

    Mark Ballard 28 Sep 2012
  • The Department for Health has given up rights over software delivered under the National Programme for IT.It secured ownership of the NHS programme's intellectual property in 2003 as contractual ...

  • Southwest One creative accounting for dummies

    Mark Ballard 25 Sep 2012
  • Southwest One published its 2010 accounts in January 2012.It reported 2010 payments to IBM, its parent, were down 73 per cent.Such a drastic fall in the single largest item in its cost account was ...

  • NHSIT deal too good to be true

    Mark Ballard 14 Sep 2012
  • The Department for Health has refused to divulge details of a deal that was meant to fulfil its promise to scrap the NHS National Programme. It may have done such a bad deal that it daren't allow ...